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About knowledgepool

Knowledgepool Consulting Limited is a human resource management and capacity building organization with a desire for organizational growth and success, through results-driven recruitment solutions, and training programmes. We have over the years been supporting organizations and individuals to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes for improved performance and high productivity.

We collaborate with functional management teams to assess training and development needs, as well as to measure the effectiveness of the training programs. We keep leading the development and implementation of all aspects of capacity building training programs, policies, and objectives to develop and maintain an effective workforce.

We contribute immensely in reviewing new recruitment, manpower development, training strategies and techniques, and promptly suggest improvements to existing programs and work activities. We also develop strategic plans to implement effective, efficient and highly proactive training services for excellence in organizational service delivery.

We ensure human resource services in manpower selection and recruitment are in compliance with established policies, procedures and State/Federal laws and regulations. We also conduct quality-driven audit of human resource activities to ensure compliance with global and current best practices and standards.

Through our cutting-edge recruitment, manpower development solutions and capacity building training programmes, well researched to meet your organization’s training needs, we can help your organization achieve so much in the year 2020 and beyond. This we believe without any iota of doubt, will go a long way in improving the performance of your management teams, for outstanding job output in the year.

Our mission

To help grow businesses in different sectors of the economy to an enviable and desired height through the deployment of the practical experience of our seasoned professional team.

Our Vision

To give recruitment, training, outsourcing and background checks a new meaning in excellent service delivery to meet the growing needs of our esteemed clients and their valued employees.

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Our Faculty

The strength of our faculty is based on the richness of our team of consultants, resource persons and facilitators. Our faculty is comprised of distinguished and practicing experts, acknowledged authorities, seasoned, tested and vastly experienced technocrats in the field of human and organizational resource management and development.